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For Exam I
   Lecture1- Kumar

  Lec 2--Kumar
   Lecture 3-Kumar
   Lecture 4-Kumar
   Lecture 5- kumar
   Lecture 6- Kumar
   Lecture 7--kumar
    Lecture  8 -kumar
   Lecture 9-lea
   Lecture 10-Dr. Lea
   Lecture 11-Dr. Lea
   Lecture 12-Dr. Lea
   Lecture 13-Dr. Lea
   Lecture 14-Dr. Lea
   lecture 15- Dr. Kumar
   Lecture 16- Dr. Kumar
Lecture 17- Dr. Kumar
   Lecture 18- Dr. Lea

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  Lecture 19-Suzuki
   Lecture 20-Suzuki
   Lecture 21-Kumar
   Lecture 22-Lutz
Lecture 23--Howells
   Lecture 24- Howells
   Lecture 25- Howells
   Lecture 26 Christakos
   Lecture 27- Birge

Lecture 28-Kumar
Lecture 29-Birge
   Lecture 30-Birge
  Lecture 31 Modak
   Lecture 32 Modak 

   Lecture 33-34 Modak
   Lecture 35-Suzuki
   Lecture 36-Howells
  Lect 37 Howells

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 Lecture 38- Howells
 Lecture 39-40-Lea
  Lecture 41-Christakos  
  Lecture 42 -Howells
  Lecture 43 -Howells
  Lecture 44- Modak
  Lecture 45- Lutz
   Lecture 46-Lutz
  Lecture 47-Kumar
   Lecture 48-BRONJ- Najjar
  Lecture 49-Dr. O'Connor
  Lecture 50-Dr. Markovitz (no slides)
  Lecture 51- Dr. Cohen
  Lectures 52- Dr. Christakos
  Lecture 53--Dr. lea

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  Biochemical and Molecular  Mechanism of  action of Bisphosphonates

Teaching Faculty  for Dental Biochemistry
  Birge NJMSLee NJMS
Dr. Birge              Dr. Lee              Dr. Christakos        Dr. Cunningham
kumar NJMS
Dr. Lea
 Dr. Howells         Dr. Kaushik-Basu    Dr. Kotenko          Dr. Kumar             Dr. Lea

  Dr. Modak
Dr. PandeyDr. Suzuki 
Dr. Lutz           Dr. Modak.                Dr. O'Connor           Dr. Pandey      Dr. Suzuki

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   Dr. Suriender Kumar           r         
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I received my B.Sc (Honors) and M.Sc in chemistry from Delhi University in 1960 and Ph.D.
from Boston University in 1967 under the direction of Dr. George Hein. I was a post doctoral fellow with Dr. George Hess (a member of the national academy of sciences) at  Cornell and a research associate with Dr. John Porter at University of Wisconsin at Madison. In 1971, I joined the then CMDNJ at Newark as an assistant professor and was promoted to professor in 1981. Although I was trained as an enzymologist, I have published in various fields of research including enzymology, cell transformation and mechanism of  bone formation and bone resorption. Over the years, I have had numerous research grants, have had around 12 postdoctoral fellows trained in my laboratory, and have published and reviewed many papers in prestigious journals, including one major theoretical paper. More recently I have concentrated my efforts in teaching and service. At New Jersey Medical School I have been a course director for Medical Biochemistry and I have been course director for Dental Biochemistry for the past 12 years. I have interviewed candidates for admission to NJMS Medical School admissions committee and have been on the admissions committee at NJ Dental School for the past ~10 years. I have served on numerous faculty 

Selected Publications
Alok K. Upadhyay, Nootan Pandey, Suriender Kumar and Virendra N. Pandey. Role of Tryptophan 24 and Phenylalanine 61 of HIV-1 RT in template positioning, fidelity and conferring drug sensitivity to the enzyme. (2010). Global J. Biochem. 1, 1-17
B. Sharma, N. Kaushik, K. Singh, S. Kumar, and V. N. Pandey.(2002) Substitution of Conserved Hydrophobic Residues in Motifs B and C of HIV-1 RT Alters the Geometry of Its Catalytic Pocket. Biochemistry 41, 15685-15697.
P.K. Pandey, N. Kaushik, D. Harris, B. Sharma, K. Singh, S. Kumar and V.N. Pandey. (2002). Insertion of a small peptide of 6 amino acids in the b7-b8 Loop of the p51 Subunit of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Prevents Dimerization and Disrupts Enzymatic Activities. BMC-Biochemistry 3(1): 18
Chang, K.M., Rani, S., Chang, K.C. and Kumar, S. (1996) Plasminogen activator activity is decreased in rat gingiva during diabetes. J. Periodontology, 67, 743-747
 Panagakos, F.S., Jandinski, J.J., Feder, L., and Kumar, S. (1995) Heparin fails to potentiate the effects of IL-1¿-mediated bone resorption of fetal rat long bones in vitro. BIochemie, 77, 915-918. Panagakos, F.S., Fernandez, C., and Kumar, S. (1996) Ultrastructural analysis of mineralized matrix from human osteoblastic cells: Effects of tumor necrosis factor-¿. Mol. Cell. Biochem. 158, 81-89.
Shah, V. and Kumar, S. (1994) Metastasis of human colon tumor cells in vitro: Correlation with the overexpression of plasminogen activators and 72-kDa gelatinase. In Vivo, 8, 321- 326.
Panagakos, F.S., Hinojosa, L.P. and Kumar, S. (1994) Formation and mineralization of extracellular matrix secreted by an immortal human osteoblastic cell line: Modulation by tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Inflammation, 18, 267-283.
Rani, A.S., Qu, D.Q., Sidhu, M.K., Panagakos, F., Shah, V., Klein, K., Brown, N., Pathak, S. and Kumar, S. (1993) Transformation of immortal non-tumorigenic osteoblast like human osteosarcoma cells to the tumorigenic phenotype by nickel sulfate. Carcinogensis, 14, 947- 953.
Rani, A., Shobha and Kumar, S. (1992) Transformation of nontumorigenic osteoblast-like human osteosarcoma cells by hexavalent chromates: Alteration of morphology, induction of anchorage-independence and proteolytic function. Carcinogenesis, 13, 2121-2027.
Kumar, S. (1982) A model for the mechanism of action of animal fatty acid synthases. J. Theor. Biol., 95, 263-283.