•  B.S. UCLA, 1976
•  M.A., U.C. Davis, 1977
•  Ph.D., Boston University, 1980
•  Postdoctoral, Sloan Kettering Institute, 1980-1985

Research Interests

•  Interferon-alpha in human defense
•  Plasmacytoid dendritic cells in innate and adaptive immunity to viral infections
•  Immune dysregulation in HIV infection and other human disease


Current Research

Viral and Cellular Immunology

The interactions of the immune system and an invading viral pathogen are complex. Evidence developed in our laboratory and others implicates innate immune responses to the virus as not only providing a critical first-line defense against human viral infection, but also for directing the nature of the subsequent adaptive response. We have described a unique population of dendritic cells, the human peripheral blood plasmacytoid dendritic cells (PDC), that are the primary cells that respond to viral infection with vigorous production of interferon-?. Current studies focus on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of IFN induction including transcription factors, receptor-ligand interactions, signal transduction, cell-cell interactions between PDC and other cells types (e.g. other DC, NK cells, T cells). The interactions of these populations are being studied at the cellular and molecular levels using techniques such as multi-color flow cytometry, cytolytic assays, real time PCR, immunohistochemistry, microarrays and viral mutagenesis. Other studies in the laboratory focus on the application of the basic biology studies to clinical areas including studies of PDC and IFN dysregulation in patients with HIV infection, primary immunodeficiencies, chronic fatigue syndrome and severe viral infections.

Representative Publications:

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