Quiz Case #1

Clinical Presentation:
An 11-year-old boy presented with a painful and mildly swollen right shoulder. Physical examination revealed the presence of mild joint effusion.
  • Pay attention to the AGE, SKELETAL LOCATION, and PAIN.
Radiological Findings:
  • Plain film shows a sharply demarcated, radiolucent lesion in the proximal humeral epiphysis with subarticular extension. The lesion is partially surrounded by a sclerotic rim. The cortex is intact. The growth plates are open.
  • MRI is helpful in delineating the lesion.
Pathological Findings: :
  • Microscopic appearance of the curettage specimen, low magnification
  • High magnification
  • High magnification


Q1. What is your diagnosis?
1 Eosinophilic granuloma
2 Giant cell tumor
3 Chondroblastoma
4 Chondrosarcoma
Q2. Which finding is considered pathognomonic for this entity?
1 Presence of a cartilaginous matrix
2 "Chicken-wire" calcifications
3 Langerhans' cells
4 Atypical giant cells
Q3. Neoplastic cells of this tumor are expected to stain positive with:
1 S-100
2 CD68
3 CD1a
4 Low molecular weight cytokeratin
Q4. This tumor is:
1 Benign
2 Malignant
This is a self-assessment test. The results are neither collected nor stored.