Quiz Case #2

Clinical Presentation:
A 60-year-old male presented with a pathologic fracture of the right proximal humerus. His prior medical history was non-contributory.
  • Look at the AGE and SKELETAL LOCATION.
Radiological Findings:
  • Plain radiograph demonstrates a large, ill-defined, vaguely lobulated tumor centered in the metaphysis. Note stippled and ringed calcifications, peripheral radiolucencies and cortical disruption.
  • MRI
Pathological Findings: :
  • Microscopic findings, low magnification
  • High magnification


Q.1 What is your diagnosis?
1 Enchondroma
2 Chondrosarcoma, Grade I
3 Chondrosarcoma, Grade II
4 Chondromyxoid fibroma
Q2. What histologic parameters are assessed in grading of these tumors?
1 Cellularity
2 Degree of nuclear atypia
3 Mitotic activity
4 All of the above
This is a self-assessment test. The results are neither collected nor stored.