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We are currently developing two different ways to search the Lindex. The first is a Textfile search and the second is a database search.

The difference in the two types of searches is that the Textfile search is a text search that looks through the 90% of Lindex entries that have textiles and searches the same way a Search Engine does, by looking for words or a string of words.

The database search (which is currently in development) allows you to search data in certain fields, and to then read the associated textiles. For example, you may wish to look up all the articles in which one of the first three authors was Dr. X or you may wish to look up all the articles involving breast cancer (ICD9 #174.9). The Lindex will eventually permit you search for articles by ICD9, by year, based on findings of the article, and let you make reports based on the your criteria.


We also have number of reports which can be used to glance at the findings of the Lindex, and to see an overview of some of the data and results of the Lindex.

Boolean Expressions

In the Textfile Search you can use Boolean expressions. Boolean expressions are used to describe exactly what you are searching for. Normally, boolean expressions use the terms and and or but parenthesis can also be used to group things together. Here are some examples of boolean expressions as they relate to the Lindex search:

breast and cancer
breast or cancer
(breast or cervical) and cancer


For more information on the structure of the Lindex click here.




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